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Education is...

In the scope of the Entertainment Industry the most practical and accurate word to complete that statement is “imperative”. IATSE Local 6 is well aware of the depth and breadth of knowledge that simply must be sustained as a well-rounded technician/craftsperson providing competent and qualified labor in an industry where expertise ranges from mechanical engineering to microcomputers and knowledge from basic arithmetic to physics. To that end, Local 6 participates in and promotes the pursuit of continuing education by/for all referral employees.

Having established its first formal training program in 2013 and continuing to refine the curriculum, Local 6 strives to promote through education and achievement by integrating the individual’s personal skills, training, education level, and achievements into the referral process. Through the Committee established to oversee “L6TP” along with input and training assistance from current members, Local 6 referral employees are afforded numerous opportunities to expand and refine their skills through hands-on practical seminars conducted by working professionals and other IATSE members. Participation is highly encouraged for all referral employees.

Additional seminars and opportunities to hone those skills that will ensure future employability are frequently sponsored by Local 6 and sister Locals with joint attendance through mutual invitation.

Referral employees wishing to participate in the L6TP beyond the requisite Orientation Seminar, should contact any member of the Training Committee for more information. The Training Committee can be reached by email at 

IATSE Local 6 recognizes, supports, and/or participates in the following education/training programs:






(Future expansion of will include upcoming seminar dates and times)

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