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Labor Day 2015

The turn out was too big for one photo!  Evidently turning 125 is a big deal!

Brother Ron Bolte, Retired Business Manager & International VP John T. Beckman Jr., Brother Tim Kostal

    Brother Josh Jackson & friend                                                              Brother Tom "TJ" Berg & friends

 Brothers Rich Rolfi & Charles Lile                                                Brother Eli Barrera,

(and in the background... Brothers Bruce Mourning,           Office Assistant Extraordiaire Julie Zouglas,

Steve Boianoff (ret.), Richard "Tag" Parker (ret.),                     President Dave McCarthy

and Theo Prifti)

Children and puppies... all other arguments are invalid!


These are just a few of the many great memories from the Labor Day celebration.  Thanks to those members from whom we have received images.  We cannot possibly include them all here but we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm.  Here's hoping everyone enjoyed their holiday and weekend... brought to you by the Labor Movement and Unions everywhere!






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