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Saturday at Arnold City Park & Civic Center, the rally to discuss why House Bill 116 ("Right to Work") is WRONG for Missouri and to spread the message door-to-door was well-attended and Local 6' presence was a strong, positive representation of our commitment to make Missouri legislators see that "Right to Work" is WRONG for Missouri!

Don't know what all the fuss is about?  Keep reading below and make this part of your agenda.  So-called "Right to Work" legislation would directly and negatively impact every Union worker's way of life and means of earning a living.  This is not an issue for the politicians!  This is about our very livelihood!  Plan to attend! Plan to participate!

Political Action Campaigns

In a letter dated June 4th, 2015, Missouri Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon vetoed House Bill #116 otherwise known as "Right To Work" legislation.  With this victory for labor we stand united and must continue to support the defeat of such legislation at all levels.  Local 6 members are strongly encouraged to contact their Senator and State Representative.  The fact that there was enough support for this bill to pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate means the supporters of so-called Right to Work will be rallying to overturn the veto as soon as the next Missouri legislative session begins in September.  As members of Missouri's work force it is our duty to stand up and be counted among those who vehemently oppose the undermining of worker's rights, wages, and benefits through legislation brought by special interest groups, corporations hoping to curtail collective bargaining, and foreign companies hoping to undermine our economic structure.  Local 6 asks everyone, from members to guests to contractors and all who support fair labor practices to contact your legislators now!  Remind them that Missouri workers depend on fair wages, benefits and decent working conditions and that supporting any bill that would serve to take any of those away or to take away our right to bargain collectively is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

See HB116 full details and text.

Find out what Missouri AFL-CIO has to say about "right to work" legislation.

Contact your Missouri State Legislators.

In the left-hand column you will find a "Legislator Lookup" area.  Simply provide your valid Missouri address or 9-digit ZIP Code (Hint: click the orange to find your 9-digit ZIP Code).    Once you have submitted it you will be taken to a page that lists all of your elected Missouri legislators. From there you can click the name of the legislator you wish to contact and you will be taken to his/her home page where you can either email directly or get further contact information to send "snail" mail or call his or her office.

If you want to submit a letter but aren't certain what to say, consider using this letter in your correspondence.  A Letter to Missouri Legislators



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