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What can Local 6 do for me?


IATSE Local 6 has been serving the St. Louis region since 1890 and though some of the skills required of our technicians have changed since then, we take pride in, and a pro-active approach to, serving our clients by providing well-trained professionals with a positive work ethic. Clients considering hosting an event in the St. Louis region can rely on us for courteous, conscientious service and attention to detail from setup (load-in) to operation (rehearsals and performances) to tear-down (load-out). We are a full-service referral hall catering to the areas of entertainment lighting, audio, video, scenic, rigging, and personnel management. Many of our technicians hold certifications in these disciplines that are recognized as the industry standard for safe and ethical practices in the workplace. Local 6 considers safety to be paramount to our work and requires all members to maintain OSHA 10 safety knowledge at a minimum. 

How do I know if Local 6 can provide technicians to suit my particular needs?

Below are examples of the particular work that we execute every day across the region.


Scenic construction, assembly, automation, along with props construction makes up the bulk of the work our carpentry professionals perform. Our carpenters are well versed in many construction techniques from traditional carpentry to metalworking in steel, aluminum and composite materials. Having constructed award-winning sets and iconic scenic elements, we take pride in precision and attention to detail.


Rigging construction, assembly, calculations, operation, arena systems, theatrical systems including fly systems (St. Louis is home to several working single purchase systems and one long standing “hemp house”). Currently, twenty percent (20%) of our rigging professionals hold their ETCP Certification in arena and/or theatrical rigging and our emphasis on training and education improves on that number annually.


Audio systems assembly, operation, and maintenance keep our audio technicians busy but this does not represent the limit of the scope of work that they do. Our technicians provide mixing services, both front-of-house and monitors along with console (control desk) knowledge across multiple manufacturer platforms. Audio-visual recording and broadcasting and associated peripheral equipment expertise comes standard. Whether your system is state-of-the-art or a microphone and powered speakers, our technicians will work with you to provide the best possible audio experience for your guests.

Lighting & Power

When it comes to lighting and power systems; assembly, operation, and maintenance are just the tip of the iceberg. Our technicians have the skills and expertise to get entire concert rigs for major events or “two lights on booms” up and running. Followspot operation, console (control desk) programming knowledge across multiple manufacturer platforms, dimming, intelligent lighting and accessory expertise, along with safe, practical power distribution knowledge round out the extensive capabilities of our technicians.


Video work from camera operation to switching and from “confidence” monitors to full video walls, our technical skills go well beyond standard screens and projectors. Teleprompting falls under the video aspect of our work and we have technicians who are well versed in the setup and operation of nearly every professional-grade teleprompting software/system available.


Our offices have undergone significant upgrades in technology (and still are). From streamlined referral processing and pay rolling to state-of-the-art software developments that integrate the entire process from the point a labor request is made through the final pay roll invoice, Local 6 prides itself on providing a user-friendly approach to labor needs.

We believe that timely, accurate, and professional service is the key to ensuring that our customers, both current and future, receive the best possible service before and after the event. We believe that a well-trained professional work force is the key to the best possible service during the event. We promote positive, self-motivated, industry professionals and seek to populate our referral roster with individuals who represent the very best the trade has to offer. We benefit from an industry where the work cannot readily be outsourced. (It is difficult to have someone in another city/country set up the event right here!) As a result we are committed to providing the best possible service in the region and we look forward to every opportunity to prove this commitment. Local 6 welcomes your comments and questions and we are here to serve you. Feel free to contact us directly.


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